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Are there fees for processing my donation?

Your donation is to the Network for Good Donor Advised fund. Network for Good, a nonprofit, re-grants the donation funds to your charity(ies), but there are costs associated with processing and distributing online donations to your favorite charity. Even though our donation service is complex to build and operate, we try to pass along very little of its expense to the charities donors support. The 5% administrative fee helps cover the costs of processing transactions, providing customer support, disbursing funds to charities and maintaining our technology. Additionally, it furthers our mission of training and supporting nonprofits and making it easy to donate online to charity.

You will be given the option to cover that 5% fee and help support the expense of maintaining the technology to process and distribute your donations. You will also be presented with a few options for adding a small contribution to support our mission. Below is what the options look like:


No matter what you choose, the full amount of your donation is tax deductible and we appreciate your generosity.

During times of increased online giving in response to a humanitarian disaster, Network for Good may remove the optional donation to Network for Good.

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