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Does Network for Good have an Editorial Policy?

Network for Good does not editorially alter the content of the charitable or volunteer databases or content from external sites. In addition to the database search functions and external links, Network for Good offers editorially created issue packages on issues or crises that are of particular interest to a large number of our users. Selection of nonprofit organizations highlighted in the packages will be based on:

  • The strength of the opportunity to give, volunteer and/or get involved with the nonprofit.
  • Citizen recognition of the organization OR the primary crisis or issue that the organization supports.
  • Public association of the nonprofit with the issue or crisis
  • The organization's experience in handling similar issues or crisis
  • Proximity to need (local nonprofit organizations)
  • Balance to provide democratic highlighting of nonprofit organizations

In addition to the highlighted nonprofit organizations, Network for Good provides links to the GuideStar and Volunteer Match search pages on the program page to ensure citizens can access all nonprofit organizations related to a program issue.

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