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What is a Charity Badge?

A Charity Badge allows you to raise awareness and money for any cause you care about with a badge on your blog, social networking site or web page. You can personalize the badge with a photo, video and/or text and then link to the charity that you want to support. The badge tracks in donations in real-time.

How it Works

1. On the Charity Badge Page, start by filling in the information in the 'Register To Build a Badge' section. The purpose for creating a password is so that you can come back to our site if you would like to edit your badge. If you already have a Network for Good account, you just have to log in.

2. Personalize Your Charity Badge

  • Title
  • Choose a badge type

  • The default should be what you want, but essentially this makes sure we can track your badge to the appropriate campaign (i.e. matching grant etc.)
  • Why my cause is important to me

  • This is so you can tell your story; tell friends and family why you are passionate about a cause or a charity you happen to like.
  • I have an image for my Charity Badge
    This is if you want to add a picture or graphic to your badge. Click 'Browse' to find the picture you want that is on your computer. Once you locate it, click upload.
  • I have a video for my Charity Badge
    If you would like people to watch a video to inspire your friends about your cause, you need to have the video hosted elsewhere. If you want to use a fun intro from Kevin follow the prompts listed
  • When you are finished, click 'Continue'

3. Select Your Charity. This is where you search and choose the charity you would like your friends and family to support. When you are finished, click 'Continue'.

4. Preview Your Charity Badge. Here you can view the Charity Badge you gave created so far. If you would like to change the details of your badge you can go back and make those changes. Make sure you check the 'I agree with the terms & conditions of using a Charity Badge.' box.

5. Your Charity Badge is Ready! This page provides you the code you need to copy and paste to display your Charity Badge. If you are planning to post your badge online, copy and paste the Charity Badge website code. If you don't have a website or blog you can send the link to friends and family to display the badge. If you are planning to add your badge to Facebook or MySpace refer to our tips as a guide

Be sure to check out our tips.

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