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How does a Good Card work?

What It Is:

The Good Card is a gift card for charity where the recipient gets to donate to their charity of choice. Everyone has their favorite charities and now you can give them the perfect gift-a donation to their favorite charity.

  • Regular mail version: This option can take up to 2 weeks for printing and regular mail.
  • Email version: This is the "green option" and great for last minute! The email is sent to the recipient automatically after the purchase of the card.
  • Print at Home: This is a version of the Good Card that you can print as a PDF from your computer at the end of the transaction.

How it Works:

  • You can order the Good Card online; choose to send it via email (great for last minute) or via regular mail as a plastic card (great for stocking stuffers).
  • The recipient can use this card to donate to any of their favorite causes; a charity fighting a disease that's touched your family, the homeless shelter around the corner, or the school you love. There are 1.2M charities on our website; all public charities are in there.
  • The Good Card is good for six months; unused amounts are stored for future donations; you can check your balance at any time here.
  • When you purchase a Good Card it is tax-deductible for the buyer. When the recipient redeems a Good Card it is not tax-deductible for them.
  • There is a $5 fee per card so that 100% of your recipient's donation goes to charity. The fee covers the card or the email version, postage. transaction fees and customer service.

Additional FAQs:

If you are interested in a placing a bulk order of cards (50 or more), please click here for more information on how that works. To place an order please fill out our form.

We are eager to hear from you; if you have feedback or questions you can email us at

*We process Good Cards every week (typically on Fridays), and during the holiday season we are processing cards 2-3 times a week. That said, regular mail can take 3-5 days and during the month of December especially, regular mail can take longer. We recommend allowing up to 2 weeks so that we can deliver your Good Card by your deadline. Because we don't have control of the timeline once the Good Cards are in the mail we can not guarantee delivery dates, but you always have an option to print your cards.

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