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What is the difference between DonateNow Lite and DonateNow?

Network for Good processes donations from an organization's website with two different versions of a donation page. Take a look at the details below to determine which giving page your donatation was made. Based on that information we can help you with your login here.

DonateNow Lite: This is a basic giving page that an organization can link to from their website -- there is no customization. In order to process a donation for that organization, the donor is required to establish a login and the donor experience takes the donor away from the organization's website onto a Network for Good page. Sample page here or below.


DonateNow: This is our DonateNow giving page that looks like an organization's website and provides an optimized donor experience with simple check-out. Sample pages below, for a full list click here. If you have this type of page you should login to get donor information here.


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